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Custom-made cat theme black and white fabric covered photo album. Closed 11.75 x 12.5 x 5.25 with over 100 8x11 pages. Open it’s 28 5/8” long. It weighs 13lbs. $60.

I am not quite ready to let this go because our cat still uses it to look out the window. So Not for sale yet.


I took down the 2 higher shelves as he aged and he doesn't use it much anymore but occasionally he'll get up on the "box" part to look out the window.


We will be moving in April and the new house really doesn't have the room for it. Other than cat hair it looks about new including the sisal posts. I do not have the hanging ball but it does have the big rope. I thought when we moved to a new home it'd be a good time to sell it when he might not miss it in the new house.


It is model b5701. You can buy it new for $150 plus tax and shipping. I'll be selling this one for $75. but it is not listed anywhere for sale yet. Just this.

I still have the parts I took away and the directions. I can disassemble more or leave as is for pick up only.  Again - in mid April 2023

These are Armarkat stock photos.

Armakat cat tree.jpg

The cat shirts are small or xsmall. The pic is when my kittens were about 7-10 weeks old.
The Kong groom mat says 16 x 20 x 1.5" on the tag.

$20 for both


Bergan Turbo Track Cat toy w. one ball $10


Beanie Babies Collection TY DOBY the Doberman (although I think it looks like a Rottweiler) DOB 10-9-96 retired beanie Excellent condition with tags. $20


NEW Travel size Litter lifter scoop $6


Arched cat scratcher with a carpeted oval bottom. - $15  My senior cat just doesn't get how to use this.


Kong groom mat 737257265622

Pad 16x20x1.5

 $ 25

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